Retrofit LED Lighting at no Capital Cost

No money upfront - You just make savings in energy and maintenance

Commercial LED lighting retrofit

Commercial LED Lighting – Retrofit LED Lighting at No Capital Cost


LED Lighting – More than low hanging fruit

LED Lighting is quickly being adopted throughout the UK. With a long list of benefits including improved lighting levels and significant energy, carbon emission and maintenance savings, LED lighting will soon be the standard throughout the country. Ignite Energy can provide the catalyst to capitalize on this movement.


Who is Eligible?

Ignite Energy offer full nationwide rollouts of LED lighting at no capital cost to any organisation with more than 100 sites.

The Benefits

The implementation of LED lighting solutions has a long, proven list of benefits that businesses can enjoy, including –

  • Improved lighting levels and quality
  • Enormous reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions (up to 70% of lighting load and 40% of estate-wide consumption)
  • 100% saving in lighting maintenance
  • 5 – 10 year warranty agreements including complete parts and labour onsite replacement
  • Ability to integrate intelligent controls to further savings and functionality


Through our work with some of the largest retailers in the UK, Ignite Energy have demonstrated it is possible to achieve a 40% reduction in total energy consumption and abolish lighting maintenance costs for the lifetime of the products installed. With an up to 10 year warranty agreement which covers the cost of replacing any failures during that time, you can rest assured that lighting will be a controlled cost across your estates.

LED Lighting in Shops and Retail Outlets

Ignite Energy have carried out nationwide conversions to LED lighting for some of the UK’s leading retailers. This includes WH Smith, SSP, Pets at Home & New Look.

Working through every level of these projects from conception to delivery, Ignite Energy have a proven track record in implementing commercial LED lighting across large portfolios.

Ignite Energy – Total Energy Saving Solutions

Using expertise that ranges across the lighting and energy industries, Ignite Energy are able to predict, measure and verify reductions in consumption, ensuring certainty in the energy savings achieved.

Ignite Energy source the best suppliers, products and installers for each clients’ specific requirements. We manage the entire process from management of LED lighting suppliers and installation all the way through to progress reporting and verification of savings. The result of this is a tailor-made solution that works perfectly and delivers clear measured results.


  • Requires initial meeting to assess eligibility and current position on energy management
  • Project requires access to half-hourly consumption data
  • Project will be delivered with no capital investment and is structured around a “shared-savings” basis over the lifetime of the agreement.
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