Energy Management Services

Our energy management services cover the full spectrum...

As part of our energy management services, we provide energy procurement and risk management for our clients. We’ll work with you to find the best energy solution for your company

Online report and colleague engagement is an important factor. As an energy services company, we work with the right people on-site & make sure you will have the right access to the information you require.

Our energy management services also include Utility Validation and Finance Support. Running several analysis procedures, we have recovered substantial amounts for our clients lost through error

Here at Ignite Energy our team have tried and tested many energy efficiency technologies. Having led the way with some of the earliest full-scale roll-outs, we have successfully implemented energy efficient projects as part of our services

Making sense of energy data can often be a challenge. Here at Ignite Energy, our team successfully work with each client to fully understand their data discrepancies – which is the first step in correcting energy wastage

Performance improvement doesn’t stop once equipment is installed. As part of our energy management UK services, our team work on an ongoing basis to help you utilise savings on a continuing basis.

Ignite Energy have worked with many leading businesses in the UK to deliver LED lighting projects. We are now offering the opportunity for multi-sited organisations to convert to LED with no up front capital investment.

Energy Management Services

Large companies, especially multi-sited ones, have a wide variety of energy challenges. Here at Ignite Energy we thrive in offering a wide variety of specialised energy management services to make sure that energy becomes a controllable cost at every level of your business.

With our team at Ignite having many years’ experience, we look for more than just cutting carbon and costs for individual corporates throughout the UK, we seek a healthier environment too. With the government setting targets to reduce greenhouse gases by 2050, it is putting pressure on businesses to reduce their energy output by this time and learn of ways to use energy more efficiently.

As part of our full set of energy management services, we offer Energy Procurement & Risk Management strategies whereby we run fixed and flexible price tenders. Our energy bureau services take control of our clients’ supply chains,

and frequently look for the best prices on the market for our clients. For Bill Validation, we carry out a robust review of your utility bills and this can be a repeatable solution to ensure any inaccuracies made are corrected over a longer period, whilst many of our clients opt for Ongoing Management.

Here at Ignite, our Energy Management Services include: Energy Procurement, Online Reporting & Data Analysis

Our demand services offer opportunities for clients to directly reduce the amount of energy they use, and then verify the savings with accurate data.

Done in the right way, we can work up solutions for your business and evidently save you money but cutting unnecessary energy output for your business. Have a look at the energy management services we offer, then get in touch to find out how we can help you start saving.

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