Net Zero Services

With expert insights & large-scale energy efficiency project experience, Ignite deliver the transformation needed for you to achieve net zero as an organisation.

Large businesses have a critical role to play in avoiding catastrophic climate change. Many organisations are already setting targets and planning on how to achieve net zero emissions. However, now is the time for action.

If you have set net zero targets, how do you go about achieving them? You need to adapt and quickly, and that’s where Ignite Energy comes in. We have the cross-industry experience in large scale energy efficiency projects necessary to make a real difference. Combined with our long-term integrated approach to energy management, we will make decarbonisation in your business a reality. Together we will dramatically reduce your carbon emissions through data, innovation and collaboration.


Why decarbonisation matters to businesses

We all want to avoid further damage to our planet and do our bit to safeguard it for future generations. Our decarbonisation strategies and net zero services have the added benefit of helping large businesses:

  • Improve their reputation & meet customer expectations around sustainability
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase business resilience in turbulent times
  • Embed data-driven decision making into your business
  • Secure a competitive advantage
  • Engage existing workforce and attract talent

Ignite’s Net Zero service for large businesses

Our approach to net zero and energy management is long-term and strategic, but with a focus on immediate and positive action. Ignite’s expert team delivers a range of interconnected services with a complete commitment to outstanding customer service. We work on practical, real-world solutions whilst providing expert advice to ensure an overarching net zero strategy is met.

Net Zero Targets

It is part of our work to make sure your net zero targets are achievable and impactful. We look at all aspects of your business and across your entire portfolio to ensure we focus on the right areas.Targets are just the start when it comes to strong, positive action and a clear roadmap to carbon neutrality.

Net Zero Implementation

Data analysis – we take a data-driven approach to tackling energy efficiency, reducing overall demand, and achieving net zero targets. We provide insights that steer your decision-making to ensure milestones are met.

Energy efficiency projects – we have experience rolling out large-scale efficiency projects for some of the UK’s largest and best known businesses. These projects include:

  • LED Lighting upgrades
  • Refrigeration – Vortex and Aerofoil technology
  • Degasification – focusing on the logistics and strategy required to move away from gas across your estate
  • Electric Vehicle Charging point installation

Read more about how you can partner with Ignite to ensure energy efficiency helps your business achieve net zero targets

Renewable energy procurement – with transparency and independence, we procure you renewable energy matched to your business needs and decarbonisation goals.

BMS – we install, enhance and utilise fully-customised BMS for enhanced control, proactive energy management and helping achieve Net Zero targets.

Offsetting carbon emissions – as a very small aspect of carbon neutrality, we can help you offset unavoidable carbon emissions with our experience of accredited schemes.

Carbon & Net Zero Reporting

Monitoring your progress around cutting emissions is an essential aspect of net zero. As well as tracking your performance and delivering internal reports, Ignite takes care of carbon reporting and compliance. We audit, report on, and implement recommendations in order to satisfy a number of compliance and reporting standards, including:

Find out more about our reporting and compliance services.

Why choose Ignite as your net zero partner

With a proven track record in achieving net zero goals, in-house experts and a commitment to outstanding customer service, Ignite is your best chance of achieving carbon neutrality. We are waiting to be your long-term strategic partners, with the data, insights and project experience to achieve ambitious and critically important net zero targets. Contact us today.

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