Energy Compliance Services and Carbon Reporting

Fully integrated energy compliance services from Ignite - keep up to date with all the latest legislation with our expert support and maximise the impact of mandatory reporting.

Ignite offers a comprehensive energy compliance and reporting service for large businesses. Our expert team ensure your business is fully compliant whilst taking a proactive approach to improving energy efficiency, cutting carbon emissions and saving you money.

Business Energy Compliance

Ignite cover the following areas of regulatory compliance:

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

All large UK companies, large LLPs, and quoted companies need to comply with SECR. This means reporting on annual energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and the energy efficiency actions taken. Ignite’s full SECR compliance service delivers all the requirements of SECR reporting, focusing on efficiency projects, outstanding customer service and maximising the impact of this mandatory reporting framework.

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Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

Our expert compliance team and certified lead auditors will help your business become ESOS compliant, delivering all the requirements of the scheme internally. We carry out the audit and deliver the reports, making sure your organisation meets the ESOS Phase 3 deadlines and receives maximum benefits.

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GHG Reporting (GHG)

All large companies are required to report on their GHG emissions. Our team of experts take care of GHG reporting to ensure that you’re compliant with the regulations. As part of our GHG service, we conduct a thorough analysis of business processes to identify areas for improvement, condensing them into a simple format that’s tailored to you.

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Task Force of Climate-related Disclosures (TCFD)

The TCFD provides a useful framework to assess the potential impact of climate change on your organisation. Ignite is here to help your organisation better understand climate-related risks through these disclosures. We provide clarity and actionable information that can help your organisation mitigate risks around climate change as well as identify opportunities for positive action.

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How Ignite Manage Compliance

Ignite includes compliance services and full reporting as part of our end to end energy management service without any additional cost. Compliance reporting seamlessly blends in with our work to ensure we have the maximum impact on your business long into the future.

When you partner with Ignite, you can expect the following:

  • Site visits & audits by qualified professionals
  • Data collection
  • Data validation
  • Annual reporting that is compliant with the latest legislation and submitted to the relevant organisations meeting deadlines
  • Actioning recommendations with our energy efficiency projects & beyond
  • Data ownership

The benefits of using Ignite rather than a third party for energy compliance is that you own the data. We collect it, validate it and then report it to you. The risk with any so-called specialist energy compliance company is that they take the data from whoever provides it and work off this. They can put no guarantees that this data is valid. We have already collected and validated that data so you can have complete confidence and visibility.

Our team pride themselves on keeping up to date with the latest legislation so you don’t ever need to worry about energy compliance. The real value comes in their ability to use the data and information to recommend tailored solutions that will help you achieve sustainability and net zero goals.

Energy Compliance Reporting

At Ignite, we will support you in delivering a whole range of reporting obligations. Our compliance experts validate and analyse your data, extracting the information relevant to each individual scheme so you don’t have to. They then efficiently translate your data into the required format for reporting.

It doesn’t stop there. Reports and disclosures are just the first step. We take these compliance requirements as the starting point to tailor our recommendations around energy efficiencies across your estate as well as cost and carbon reductions.

Net Zero & Carbon Compliance

More and more companies are facing mandatory carbon reporting while others are looking to actively engage with net zero targets. Energy compliance and carbon reporting is a rapidly changing landscape as the urgency around cutting emissions intensifies. Ignite is here to ensure you achieve regulatory compliance but go that all-important step further to ensure you are doing all you can to cut emissions and achieve carbon neutrality. Find out more about our Net Zero services for large businesses.

Tendering and Compliance

We understand that compliance requirements are a key part of tenders. Ignite is more than happy to detail all aspects of our energy compliance service and reporting when invited to tender. Find out more about our tendering service.

Ignite Energy – Your Business Compliance Consultants

Ignite makes compliance a seamless and powerful process. Want to discuss your energy compliance and reporting requirements? Contact our experts today on or call 0333 023 2222.

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