Energy Data Management & Online Reporting

Data is the key to better energy efficiency, Ignite give you the ability to see when and where your energy is being used.

energy data management

Our energy data management solutions give you visibility of where and when energy is being used, providing you with the ability to achieve fantastic energy savings across your estate.

Energy Data Management

Energy data management is key to an effective energy efficiency strategy. Ignite Energy ensure that your business has the necessary infrastructure in place to collect energy consumption data. We then provide a number of tools including customised reporting, exception alerts and access to site-by-site profile data to identify wastage and improve energy efficiency across your business.

Energy Management Software

Visibility of data on demand gives you insight into how your estate is performing. We give access to online energy monitoring software for our clients that shows accurate consumption at site level.

Energy Data Analysis and Reporting

Ignite provide energy data analysis and reporting to show you how your estate is consuming energy. We provide bespoke reports that can identify areas of wastage, best and worst performing sites, and make sure that sites are sticking to budget.

Energy Management Reports

We provide you with customised energy management reports, showing you the data you need to make your estate more controlled and efficient. Combined with exception reporting to highlight efficiency issues as quickly as possible, our energy use data analysis methods give you the power to accurately monitor and control your energy consumption.

Why Choose Ignite Energy

Our expertise allows us to use data as a powerful tool for driving energy efficiency improvements across large businesses. We can identify and rectify areas of wastage for your business quickly and effectively, using energy data analysis to verify savings.