Data is the key to better energy efficiency - Ignite report on exactly when & where your energy is being used.

energy data management

Our energy data management solutions give you complete visibility of energy consumption across your estate, helping you unlock fantastic energy savings.


Energy data management is key to any effective energy efficiency strategy. At Ignite, we make sure that your business has the necessary infrastructure in place to collect energy consumption data.

Ignite then utilises a number of tools including customised reporting, exception alerts and site-by-site profile data to identify wastage and improve energy efficiency across your business.


Ignite takes a proactive approach to energy data management, collecting, analysing and reporting on relevant data. By using sophisticated energy monitoring software and systems, we provide energy managers with the data they need to effectively manage their energy consumption and control costs.

The systems we use collect large volumes of data, we validate this and provide custom reports that visualise the metrics that matter to you. By providing visibility of data on-demand, we give you insight into how your estate is performing including accurate consumption data at a site level. This more granular approach helps you be proactive and strategise more effectively.

Building Management System (BMS)

Ignite install, enhance and utilise fully-customised Building Management Systems (BMS) also known as Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) for proactive energy data management. BMS controls give us the ability to view, control and optimise on-site assets such as Air Conditioning, Lighting and Heating along with a whole range of other data.

We ensure that BMS provide the information that is important to you, providing you with ownership of the metrics that matter. These can include information on a national and regional level right down to the status of specific air conditioning and heating units with a store. When you have this data at your fingertips, you can see how Building Management Systems are crucial to energy efficiency measures. The data can be used to incentivise managers to reduce their energy consumption without any capital investment.

As with all our work, we tailor our service to your needs. For Pets at Home, we carried out changes to their BMS across their 420+ sites using a custom-developed platform called PAWS. We also used this system to monitor and adhere to pet welfare temperature guidelines, ensuring optimum efficiency whilst protecting the pets they keep in store.


Energy reporting is all about providing insights into consumption data, making it easy to spot energy wastage and verify any savings achieved. At the same time, it validates billing and ensures sites are staying within budget.


We collect and validate large volumes of data across your entire estate to provide you with customised energy management reports. These reports contain the data you need to make your estate more controlled and efficient. We also produce reports to meet all regulatory requirements such as SECR and ESOS Phase 3.

Our in-house development and reporting team use a combination of our billing system and online data hosting platform to deliver any reports you require. These can include the following:

  • Budgets
  • Forecasting
  • Accruals
  • Weekly Consumption
  • Exception
  • High night Load
  • Site/Regional budget vs actual
  • Occupancy consumption
  • League Tables
  • Project Savings Pre Vs Post

When combined with exception reporting to highlight efficiency issues as quickly as possible, our energy data analysis methods give you the power to accurately monitor and control your energy consumption. We provide bespoke reports that can identify areas of wastage, best and worst-performing sites, and make sure that sites are sticking to budget.


Ignite provides energy data analysis and reporting to show you how your estate is consuming energy. By running reports and analysing your data, our expert team gains valuable insights into your energy consumption. This feeds into forecasting, procurement strategies and energy efficiency projects.

Using a variety of energy data analysis tools, we are able to make informed decisions. We have the expertise to accurately analyse this data and take the best course of actions, from reducing consumption to optimising performance, ensuring energy compliance to achieving sustainability targets.


Ignite realise the importance of real-time access to your energy data and the role of online energy management in business resilience. We use the latest online energy monitoring tools to collect and validate your data.  And always make sure that online energy reporting is available and that energy managers have visibility across their estate when and where they need it.


In our experience, transformational change around energy occurs when all levels of the business are engaged, from the board to individual managers. That’s why we work with organisations to increase colleague engagement in energy data to reduce consumption and drive substantial savings.

At Ignite we monitor and report on energy usage across entire portfolios, highlighting best and worst-performing stores and sites from an energy consumption point of view.

This data can then be used to empower and incentivise on-site and regional managers. We share best practice across the portfolio, but also actively engage with underperforming individual sites, helping managers identify wastage and improve results. We have done this with New Look, SSP, Pets at Home and WHSmith among others.

It requires zero capital expenditure (zero cost energy reduction campaigns) and is effective at driving down consumption and saving your organisation money.


Our expertise allows us to use data as a powerful tool for driving energy efficiency improvements across large businesses. We can identify and rectify areas of wastage for your business quickly and effectively, using energy data analysis to verify savings. To start benefiting from our data energy management services contact us today.

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