Cloud-BMS – the future of air conditioning control

The future of A/C energy control - the cost effective alternative to Building Management Systems (BMS)

At Ignite, we’re proud to introduce Cloud-BMS – an innovative new technology to allow energy managers to remotely control air conditioning units across their estate without the need for a BMS.

What is Cloud-BMS?

Cloud-BMS is a simple and cost effective way for businesses to control air conditioning units remotely. You can set rules including temperature deadbands, and turn specific units on and off without the need for an onsite BMS.

Our trained engineers will install the Cloud-BMS controller, making sure it is paired with the air conditioning unit and connected to Wi-Fi or a 4G router. It then gives you the control to set rules to reduce energy costs, and move towards a more sustainable future.

Who is Cloud-BMS for?

If you’re a business that has stores or sites with air conditioning units but no onsite BMS then CloudBMS may be for you. Sometimes the potential savings from installing a new BMS are not significant enough to justify the costs – this is when CloudBMS is the ideal cost effective alternative. You benefit from remote control of the unit, setting rules to improve energy efficiency and save money.

We work with large multi-site businesses that have blended portfolios with both BMS and non-BMS sites. CloudBMS allows them to get the control they need over individual air conditioning units without the significant capital investment of new BMS. The CloudBMS units integrate with a user-friendly portal so you can make changes with the click of a mouse.

How does Cloud-BMS work?

Once the Cloud Controller is installed, it provides energy managers control via a user-friendly interface. You can turn units on or off, set operational times and temperature deadbands remotely and instantaneously.

Cloud-BMS is designed to work across multiple air conditioning manufacturers, with a cloud controller that effortlessly connects with your A/C unit and provides complete control. Cloud-BMS can be connected to an existing Wi-Fi or via dedicated 4G routers that Ignite can provide if required.

Benefits of Cloud-BMS

Our revolutionary Cloud-BMS technology delivers numerous benefits that include:

  • affordable – a low cost alternative to installing a BMS
  • real-time control and monitoring of air conditioning
  • ability to make remote changes wherever Cloud-BMS is installed
  • easy to install – simple and quick installation from our trained engineers
  • effortlessly integrates with different manufacturer’s equipment – works with what you already have on site
  • improves energy efficiency and cost management

Ignite’s approach to energy monitoring and A/C control

Having control over air conditioning is important for cutting down on consumption and costs. Cloud-BMS gives you instant control, allowing you to roll out key changes via an easy-to-use dashboard.

In order to make energy a controlled and accounted for cost across your estate, an effective strategy based on the analysis of energy data is crucial. Choosing Cloud-BMS should be a data driven decision, based on granular data analysis by time of day such as Trading, Replen/Restocking & Closed periods.

You need to consider what should be achievable with intervention such as remote controls for air conditioning and the potential savings. If the savings are not significant enough to justify the installation of a full BMS then Cloud-BMS is the ideal alternative. For sites with less saving potential, Cloud-BMS cuts consumption effectively without the larger capital investment required for a new BMS.

Find out more about Ignite’s BMS dashboards and their role in energy management

Partner with Ignite – increased control across your estate

Ignite help our clients save energy through innovative technology like Cloud-BMS and our on-site project work.

Our experience and expertise mean that we are able to identify where energy can be saved and reduce your business energy costs quickly and effectively. Through rigorous attention to reported numbers and an understanding of your business’s unique challenges, we can find the best energy saving solution for you.

If you have a mixed multi-site property portfolio of stores and sites that could benefit from Cloud-BMS, get in touch with us today.

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