Energy Management Services

Our energy management services cover the full spectrum...

A comprehensive energy invoice auditing service for businesses that want to recover overpayments in an efficient & stress-free way.

A fully customised enterprise Building Management System dashboard to give you extraordinary levels of control and responsiveness across your entire estate.

As part of our energy management services, we provide energy procurement and risk management for our clients. We’ll work with you to find the best energy solution for your company.

Online report and colleague engagement is an important part of energy management for any business. We work with the right people on-site and make sure you will have access to the information you require.

Our Utility Validation and Finance Support services ensure that energy is a controlled and accounted for cost. Running several analysis procedures, we have recovered substantial amounts for our clients lost through error.

Our team have tried and tested many energy efficiency technologies. Having led the way with some of the earliest full-scale roll-outs, we have successfully implemented energy efficient projects across the UK that have resulted in millions of pounds in savings and substantial reductions in carbon emissions.

Making sense of energy data can often be a challenge. Our team successfully work with each client to fully understand their data discrepancies – which is the first step in combatting energy wastage.

Improving energy performance & efficiency doesn’t stop once equipment is installed. Find out more about Ignite’s transformational ongoing energy management.

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