Why Work With Ignite Energy

Transforming businesses with our total energy management solutions

Ignite Energy are experts in energy management for large businesses. We offer total solutions for organisations looking to reduce their energy costs and consumption.

We’ve been in the industry for many years helping organisations throughout the UK to limit their energy spend through innovative methods, technologies and careful management.

Working with some of the UK’s biggest names including New Look, Pets at Home, John Lewis Partnership, WHSmith, Saint Gobain and SSP, Ignite Energy has an established track record for achieving substantial savings for our clients.

So Why Work With Us?

  • We’ve enabled several UK corporations to achieve millions of pounds in energy savings

  • We provide unrivaled service and support that is tailored to your business’ unique energy challenge

  • We customise our services to fit your business model and needs

“Our longstanding partnership with Ignite has allowed us to deliver savings of millions of pounds across energy reduction projects, billing and energy procurement. Ignite have worked across our entire estate, rolling out projects rapidly and successfully” Clare Meehan, WH Smith Head of Stores Finance.

Ignite Energy specialise in large business energy management. With an impressive performance history of delivering fantastic savings through our energy management services, Ignite Energy are a perfect choice for any multi-site business looking to reduce their energy costs.

With innovation, expertise and transparency at the core of our business, we guarantee your organisation will benefit from working with us.

If you would like to find out more about what we can do for you, please contact us here or call us on 0333 023 2222. Want to invite us to tender? Find out more about tendering for energy management.  


Our services can be broken down into two distinct areas: Supply and Demand. These services combine to provide total, end-to-end energy saving solutions.

Energy Supply Services

Purchasing, managing and paying for energy can be complicated for large businesses. With multiple sites using varying amounts of energy, it is often difficult to make sure energy is properly managed. We believe that energy should be simple, controlled and accounted for.

Our supply services take the complex challenges of energy management away and deliver clear measurable results. Our services are designed to meet your specific challenges and requirements.

Our supply services break down into four main categories –

Bill Validation

Businesses are frequently overcharged through inaccurate billing, resulting in a potentially substantial cost burden if issues with invoices are not picked up and resolved quickly.

Our bill validation service ensures you only pay for what you are using and any errors are corrected.

We believe that our utility bill validation service is the most comprehensive available. We have recovered millions of pounds in aggregate for our customers through detection and error resolution. Our customers can rest assured that they are getting the best possible service at the best possible value.

unite students logo

Case Study –  Unite Students

We carry out bill validation for most of our clients, including Unite Students, who we have been working with since 2010. Unite have a complex portfolio with energy usage varying dramatically with weather and occupancy, as well having complicated metering arrangements. We have recovered over £3m in historic bill challenges and ongoing bill validation for Unite.


Procurement is often much more complicated than it needs to be, with many traditional brokers hiding large amounts of commission within supply contracts. This means you’re not getting the best deal you can, even if you’re being told you are.

We offer a range of procurement services including commercial renewable energy procurement to ensure that you get the best possible price for the energy you use. Our trading team have a vast amount of expertise and can develop a procurement and risk management strategy that meets your needs whilst providing excellent value.

“We believe energy procurement should be honest and transparent and we work to ensure that our clients are getting the best energy prices available to them”

Halfords logo

Case Study – Halfords

Halfords came to Ignite in 2017 looking for a higher quality of service across their energy management requirements. We were able to highlight hidden commission in their existing supply contracts and then provide them with a much better quality and transparent service, resulting in more than £700K in savings.

Data Analysis

Visibility and analysis of consumption data is vital to understanding and reducing energy usage. Accurately collecting and analysing data is the key to better energy efficiency.

We take your data and produce customised reports in order to identify energy saving opportunities, set budgets and alert on consumption issues.

Through analysing energy data we have given our customers the ability to monitor and understand consumption across their estates. This means that our clients are in a better position to make informed decisions and identify opportunities for savings.

Pets at Home Logo

Case Study – Pets at Home

As part of our work with Pets at Home, we installed sub-metering to break down total energy consumption of a store into its individual elements. This allowed Pets at Home to have clear visibility of how much of the store’s load was lighting, air conditioning or any other in-store asset. The visibility gained from this work provided them with an accurate picture of how adding, removing or altering equipment would affect energy consumption across their estate.


graph showing energy use before LED lighting upgrades graph showing impact of LED lighting upgrades

Finance Support

Energy is usually the third largest cost for a business after staffing and property residency. With energy being such a large expense for many businesses, it’s important that it is properly accounted for.

We’re able to provide tailored upload files that work with your existing finance systems. This mean that you get the information you need easily and effectively in a way that seamlessly integrates into your existing operations.

Energy Demand Services

Our demand services allow you to dramatically reduce energy consumption across your estate, whilst providing an excellent return on investment and integration into every level of your business.

Our energy demand services have expertise and innovation at their core. We have decades of experience in analysing site performance, combined with an unmatched knowledge of the energy industry and the latest available efficiency technologies.

This means we have been able to develop a process that enables our clients to effectively and efficiently reduce energy consumption across their estates, with an excellent return on investment.

Identification – Using our expertise to identify opportunities for energy savings through data analysis and on-site surveys to investigate operational efficiency.

Development – Developing projects that yield excellent ROI, whilst ensuring the unique requirements of each of our customers are met.

Implementation – Efficiently rolling out projects across hundreds of sites in a way that minimises the impact on your business.

Verification – Ensuring that the results achieved match or outperform those expected, so you know that it has had the desired effect on your business.

Benefits Of Our Energy Demand Services

Saving Money

With energy prices forecasted to increase ahead of general inflation, energy efficiency projects are more important than ever. This is particularly true when you consider the many other cost pressures facing businesses today.

By implementing energy efficiency projects, we see a huge decline in energy usage. This, in turn, has enabled us to save millions of pounds on behalf of our clients.

We have reduced many of our clients’ energy bills by more than 30%.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

The work we do has a massive effect on the carbon emissions our clients are responsible for. We work collaboratively to prioritise sustainability and provide net zero services.

Every kWh saved equates to around 0.3kg of CO2. With many of our projects resulting in reductions of millions of kWh’s in consumption, we’re responsible for tens of thousands of tonnes of CO2 not being produced on behalf of our clients.

Resource Efficiency

Our demand services have a number of benefits that go beyond reducing energy consumption. One of these is giving clients the opportunity to modernise their sites and reduce maintenance costs through the installation of more reliable and efficient products.

In addition to this, businesses are also able to use energy efficiency projects to improve site environments for both colleagues and customers.

LED lighting

A traditional lamp might last roughly 1,200 hours. The products we use are warranted for over 50,000 hours, meaning you can effectively wipe out maintenance works for lighting across your entire portfolio.

Find out more about our LED lighting upgrade projects.

What Makes Us Different

Personalisation – Tailor-Made For You

Ignite Energy understands that every business is different so we work with you to implement a robust energy saving strategy that will deliver results, whilst integrating seamlessly into your business’ operations.

“Through our close partnership with Ignite Energy we were able to pair expertise in the implementation of energy efficiency measures with clear communication across our business in order to develop and roll out the project successfully and swiftly” James Kokiet, Pets at Home Energy Manager 

Personal Attention & Support

At Ignite Energy we believe that having easy access to support and expertise matters. That’s why we pair a dedicated senior account manager to each of our clients so that you have access to someone that understands your business’ unique energy needs.

We deliver an unrivalled level of attention and support to all of our clients, backed up by decades of combined experience and knowledge.

Your business will benefit from:

Benefits of working with Ignite Energy diagram

Ignite Energy can save your business millions of pounds in energy costs through tailor-made strategies and solutions – with the support of a dedicated and experienced team that understands your business inside out.

We are experts in energy management for large businesses and organisations

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business reduce energy costs.

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