Energy Bill Validation

An essential part of business energy management is establishing utilities as a controllable cost.

energy bill validation

Energy Bill Validation for Businesses

Ignite Energy helps businesses throughout the UK with Utility Bill Validation and Support

It is crucial for large businesses to audit and validate energy bills constantly in order to ensure that you are only paying for energy that you have used. 

Large multi-site businesses are almost always overpaying for energy with commercial bill errors far too common. When you have thousands and even hundreds of thousands of sites, with meters in various buildings, energy bills get complicated and errors occur.

Invoices are issued late or not at all, and often contain erroneous site, meter, consumption and/or cost information. Inaccurate energy bills can occur for a number of reasons and add up to substantial financial costs. 

Our utility bill validation service is the most comprehensive available. It has helped us recover millions of pounds in aggregate for our customers through detection and bill error resolution.

Utility Bill Validation Method

Ignite follows a rigorous bill validation process that ensures every element of your invoices are checked and any discrepancies are quickly identified and resolved. We check your energy bills against actual consumption and correct any errors as quickly as possible. 

We firmly believe that our commercial bill validation service is the most comprehensive available. Our business energy bill analysis is based on years of experience across various industries – we have a comprehensive understanding of utility contracts and all charges, and work from actual and accurate data to make sure your bill is correct. 

There can be over a dozen different charge types on a typical commercial electricity bill for various pass through costs calculated in different ways. The aim of our service is to ensure billing accuracy so that you only ever pay the correct amount at the correct time for the delivered electricity, gas, heat and meter services. 

Offering energy bill validation for business and expert support, our bill validation services include:

  • Calculation of charges / accruals / finance reporting for sites, and for departments / the business at a summary level
  • Use of actual data to drive site charges / accruals
  • Preparation of utility budgets and forecasts
  • Variance reporting and analysis

We provide these services so you don’t have to use valuable internal resource on these time-consuming tasks, freeing them up to focus on other areas. Ignite speak to your suppliers on your behalf.

Bill Validation Software

Ignite uses market-leading bill validation software that is customised and extended to gather and analyse data, and ensure we spot every discrepancy. This allows us to do more bespoke reporting for our clients. We’ve also developed in-house solutions to complement and enhance the bill validation software.  

Energy Bill Query Management

Ignite find any discrepancies in your energy invoices and then manage the bill query process on your behalf. Our process for query management involves several stages. We log all queries on our system and with your suppliers, and then regularly chase your suppliers and update the logs. 

Ignite continues to manage the query directly with the supplier until a resolution is reached. We have good relationships with suppliers, which helps reach a quick outcome. All queries are reported using our customer portfolio dashboards, which provide an overview of queries raised, those closed and outstanding, and resolution performance.

Integrating with your Business

Ignite tailor our solutions to fit with your requirements. We provide accounts payable upload files tailored to your finance systems, giving you seamless integration of our bill validation services into your business. It means that you receive a  summary of energy supplier invoices as well as having access to the reports you need. We are there to provide the insights that drive cost-savings and change.  

Energy Bureau Services

Our energy bill validation and analysis is part of our energy bureau services. We pride ourselves on tailoring our services to our customer’s precise needs. Our energy bureau service also includes energy procurement, energy data analysis and bespoke energy reporting. By outsourcing bureau services to an expert, you save time and money.

Why Choose Ignite Energy

Ignite Energy specialise in large business energy management. With a proven track record of delivering significant savings through our energy bureau services, Ignite is a perfect choice for any organisation looking to reduce costs. 

With innovation, expertise and transparency at the core of our business energy services, we guarantee your business will benefit from working with us.

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