Energy Bill Validation

An essential part of business energy management is establishing utilities as a controllable cost.

energy bill validation

Energy Bill Validation for Businesses

Ignite Energy helps businesses throughout the UK with Utility Validation and Support

It is crucial for large businesses to audit and validate energy bills constantly in order to ensure that they are only paying for energy they have used.

Utility Bill Validation Method

Ignite check energy bills against actual consumption and correct any errors found as quickly as possible. We firmly believe that our utility bill validation service is the most comprehensive available. We have recovered millions of pounds in aggregate for our customers through detection and error resolution.

Offering energy bill validation for business and expert support, our utility bill validation services include:

  • Calculation of charges / accruals / finance reporting for sites, and for departments / the business at summary level
  • Use of actual data to drive site charges / accruals
  • Preparation of utility budgets and forecasts
  • Variance reporting and analysis

Finance Support

Ignite tailor solutions to fit with your requirements. We provide upload files tailored to our client’s finance systems, giving you seamless integration of our bill validation services into your business.

Why Choose Ignite Energy

Ignite Energy specialise in large business energy management. With a proven track record of delivering fantastic savings through our services, Ignite are a perfect choice for any organisation looking to reduce costs. With innovation, expertise and transparency at the core of our business energy solutions, we guarantee your business will benefit from working with us.

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