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As energy management consultants, Ignite Energy delivers a full range of management services that gives businesses a clear picture of their energy usage and what they can do to cut consumption in the future. We’ve built a strong reputation by delivering excellent service and results – have to look at some of our case studies to see how we’ve helped our clients.

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Ignite Energy specialises in reducing energy costs for large companies. From manufacturing to leisure, our energy management solutions work for a huge variety of businesses and deliver excellent returns on investment for all of them.


We deliver quality service and results for our customers. Using data from fiscal metering and accredited data collectors, professionally qualified project managers, and IPMVP compliant measurement of energy savings, you can be assured of professional and accountable delivery from Ignite.


At Ignite Energy, we have decades of combined experience in the sector. We’ve learned a lot from this – as well as delivering results, we know the importance of being easy to work with, and delivering services that make a real difference to our clients.

Energy Management Consultants

A Credible Provider of Energy Management Solutions

Energy management solutions from Ignite Energy can help you take hold of your business energy and expenditures. Unlike many other energy management consultants, we believe that we’re immeasurably different. Being in this sector for many years, we have decades of combined experience to offer our clients throughout the UK.

We offer various energy solutions, dependant on the needs of your business. Our services cover Energy Procurement to Utility and Bill Validation, Energy Analysis to Energy Risk Management, we take every precaution and work

up the best solutions for the environment and for your Return on Investment. With knowledge of and working with many schemes including ESOSCarbon Reduction Commitment and Smart Metering systems, we understand and help each client save money and use energy more efficiently.

Providing credible energy management services combined with the very best energy saving technologies to date, we work with a number of large corporates throughout the UK. Take a look through our case studies page for more information, or simply call our team today for a discussion on how we can help you. Our energy management consultants carry skills which span across decades – making us a leader in our field.