Renewable Energy Procurement for Large Businesses

Ignite will procure renewable energy aligned with your business’ net zero strategy, goals & appetite for risk.

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Are you looking to procure renewable energy for your business? Ignite Energy provide a renewable energy procurement strategy matched to your appetite for risk and aligned with your wider net zero and decarbonisation strategy.

Ignite work with large multi-site businesses on their sustainability goals and net zero strategies. One aspect of this is securing renewable energy contracts. We take a proactive and transparent approach to commercial renewable energy procurement, with a focus on controlling costs so you can forecast effectively and remain proactive in a turbulent market. Our renewable procurement services are underpinned by our dedication to exceptional levels of service.

Ignite Energy work with renewable energy suppliers to provide businesses with green energy. Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your organisation and help you achieve net zero targets.


It is increasingly important to your customers, key stakeholders, and investors that your business is doing all it can to limit its impact on the environment. A key aspect of this is procuring renewable energy. Currently renewable energy is in high demand, making it essential to fully understand your options around energy procurement. You need to work with an organisation that has the expertise to help you save money in the short term while achieving your long term goals. Ignite’s Energy Supply Management Team has many years of experience trading in UK and European energy markets, and is highly experienced in securing the right renewable energy contract for your needs.

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Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement Strategies

When it comes to renewable energy procurement, strategy is of paramount importance. There is no secret source of cheap green energy that can be accessed, so what we do offer is next-level strategy and years of experience. This allows us to match your needs to the best contract, whether that be fixed or flexible, as well as providing the latest market insights to keep you in the know. We also take care of all mandatory reporting and compliance requirements.

Ignite are entirely independent and transparent around procurement – there are no hidden fees or clauses. The real value is in our strategic support, outstanding customer service and the wider services we offer as part of our end-to-end energy management.


Our renewable energy procurement services help secure you renewable energy in the best way for your business. Price is extremely important and understandably a major factor in your overall decision. That’s why our team monitors the energy markets in real time, developing the latest insights. We are also acutely aware of the importance of making meaningful steps in decarbonising your business too.

Renewable energy procurement is an obvious step for energy managers and sustainability officers to take as they move towards net zero targets. It’s important to understand that there are various options that have a more significant impact on reducing your carbon footprint while still giving you flexibility.

For businesses looking to go deeper green, Ignite offers a range of other de-carbonising and net zero services. We specialise in decreasing energy consumption through innovative energy efficiency projects and BMS optimisations.

Renewable energy purchasing

When it comes to renewable energy purchasing, you need to balance risk, price and flexibility. We work with you to understand your longer term goals, sustainability strategy and appetite for risk. This allows our experts to assess the market and purchase renewable energy in a way that works for you – at the right time, for the right period and with the right agreement. We will work tirelessly to find the best solution and structure the contract in a way tailored to your needs and built on our expert knowledge of the UK and European energy markets.

Renewable energy contracts

We understand the importance of securing a renewable energy contract that works for you and is aligned with your long term goals. Whether this is via a Corporate Power Purchase agreement or a flexible or fixed purchasing agreement, we’ll navigate the complexities of green energy supply contracts and find the right renewable contract for you.

Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Ignite can help you set up a PPA, offering flexibility, price certainty, and a way to reduce your fossil fuel consumption. With this energy contract you can purchase renewable energy directly from a specific producer, where we tailor the agreement to meet your business needs.

CPPAs offer a level of flexibility around the price you pay and for what period, often allowing you to fix for longer periods of time for more certainty. By securing renewable energy via a Power Purchase Agreement, you are procuring deeper green energy. With a demonstrable real-world impact on slowing climate change, it allows you to be transparent around your commitment to renewable energy – actually creating more capacity on the grid via a CPPA. Setting up a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement can be a complex process, but the Ignite team have the industry expertise, reliable network and deep knowledge of the energy market to make it happen.

Renewable energy suppliers

At Ignite we pride ourselves on our independence and transparency. Our approach to procurement is jargon-free and prioritises simplicity, with no unexplained fees or hidden contractual clauses. We will always procure the best-priced energy from a renewable energy supplier in line with your requirements.

Ignite have an excellent relationship with renewable energy suppliers, and all without offering any preferential treatment. We work with all suppliers on their relative merits, finding the best-fit supply contract for your business. Some TPIs and brokers will have preferred suppliers and financial arrangements to make it worth their while. Ignite only work in your best interests. We manage renewable energy procurement in an honest and open way, putting your interests first.

Renewable energy Tariffs

When it comes to green or renewable energy tariffs, what we’re really talking about is the means by which your supplier has purchased energy from a renewable energy generator. You need to fully understand the green business tariffs you’re on or being offered and what this means in reality.


REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees Origin) backed energy ensures that the energy your business purchases is offset by renewable energy being generated and exported to the grid. Yet there are issues with this, as there are no guarantees that there is enough supply of green energy to meet your needs. At the moment, demand for renewable energy far outstrips available green energy in the grid.


If you’re looking for traceable renewable energy, then Enhanced REGO allows you to trace the energy you purchase  back to an individual source of renewable generation. Ignite can help you secure Enhanced REGO to support your sustainability strategy.

Switching to renewable energy

If you are ready to switch to renewable energy, then Ignite will make the transition smooth and impactful. We will find the best possible supply contract – one that is meaningful in your journey towards decarbonisation as well as good value. As always, we do so with a close understanding of your needs and insights into the overall wholesale energy market. Get in contact with us today on 0333 023 2222 or email us at

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