Support & Ongoing Energy Management

Improving energy performance & efficiency doesn’t stop once equipment is installed. Find out more about Ignite’s transformational ongoing energy management.



Ignite Energy provide Ongoing Energy Management Services and outstanding levels of support to large multi-site businesses

As part of our energy management services, Ignite Energy offers ongoing day-to-day support and expertise. This way we can make sure that energy management becomes an operational norm, not just a one-off project. 

As your integrated energy partner, we offer a dedicated and personable service that exploits any opportunities to make further savings and helps you achieve your long-term energy goals.


Ignite Energy can provide remote energy expertise to help transform your business. Our expert team integrate with your business, acting as an energy manager on behalf of your organisation. 

Whichever way you choose to work with us, our team will give you access to comprehensive data across your estate, custom reports, our expert insights and the latest innovative energy efficiency projects. When combined, these services will have a transformative impact on your organisation.

As an energy management provider for many years, we’ve worked with numerous different businesses across various industries. Our approach is to look for areas where performance can be improved or has deteriorated. We then investigate and work with site-based teams to take the appropriate action. This helps to nurture an energy-aware culture.

Let’s look at what makes Ignite different when it comes to energy management:


We offer our client’s remote support and optimisation of control systems, alongside monitoring for any errors or exceptions. Our team is also here to support and adapt to any changes to your unique business needs.  

New energy efficiency measures can be developed, tested and rolled out to continue improving your company’s overall energy performance. Our ongoing energy management also ensures that you remain compliant and adapt to any changes in legislation. Ignite love to work closely with your energy management team to achieve long term goals whether this is around sustainability or cost-cutting targets. We can also enable you to take advantage of the opportunities presented by tariff changes.

We work in long-term partnerships with our customers, such as WHSmith who we have helped to reduce energy consumption by more than 30% during our 10 years of working together.


At Ignite, we believe in forming a close working relationship with our clients. Forming these long-term partnerships allow us to provide unrivalled levels of service and support, tailored to your business’ unique energy needs. If you face a challenge around energy, we will have the insight and knowledge to help you overcome it.

We’re experienced at working closely with energy, sustainability and finance teams in large businesses. We’re also able to communicate with company executives to help ensure that energy management gets buy-in at all levels of your organisation. 

Any energy efficiency projects that we suggest will be based on your data and tailored to your precise needs and long term goals. 


When it comes to energy management, it’s about striking a balance between the proactive and responsive. Ignite identify issues and inefficiencies through data analysis and provide energy management solutions to overcome them. It is our role to always look for ways to futureproof your business and plan effectively for what’s to come. As many businesses look to achieve carbon neutrality, we are here to support them with a Net Zero strategy.

At the same time, we watch the global energy markets and are quick to react to changes to ensure you are in the best position. We also know how quickly and urgently your organisation’s needs can change and are able to respond agilely.

By working with Ignite you benefit from experts that know about the energy market but also have extensive reliable data at their fingertips about your energy usage. This means that our decisions are always data-driven, transparent and tailored to your needs both immediate and long into the future.


We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide our customers. It underpins everything that we do. Our expert team takes the time to understand your business and deliver tailor-made premium solutions to your unique energy needs. 


At Ignite Energy, we believe that having easy access to support and expertise matters. That’s why we pair an account manager to each of our clients so that you have access to someone that understands your business’ unique energy needs. We pay an unrivalled level of attention to all of our clients, backed up by decades of combined experience and knowledge. This commitment to maintaining strong relationships means that we’ve had many of our clients for years, with a client retention rate of 100% since Ignite was founded.


When it comes to energy management, Ignite is independent, impartial and transparent. This makes us the trusted energy partner of large multi-site businesses throughout the UK, including household names and FTSE constituents 

Ignite – your long-term energy partner

Ignite Energy offers outstanding service when it comes to ongoing energy management, taking an integrated approach to achieving your organisation’s goals. We’re all about establishing and maintaining close working relationships with our customers. Over the years, we’ve seen the transformational impact this kind of partnership can have. For more information regarding our ongoing energy management and support, please contact us.

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