Are you getting the best service from your energy broker?

We see many businesses getting let down by their energy brokers. Here are five questions that will help you determine if you are getting the energy procurement service you need. If you can’t answer a confident yes to all of these questions then it’s time to find out more about Ignite Energy and our services.


5 Questions to ask about your current energy broker


Are all your energy broker service fees and costs transparent and easy to understand?

You want an energy broker that does not conceal commission or hide unexplained fees in your rates. You want to be confident that you are not paying more than you need to for your energy.

You want a broker that understands that trust is an important factor when they are managing energy budgets on your behalf. Bills should be simple, transparent and easy to understand. You also want a broker that is entirely independent of the energy providers so that you don’t foot the bill for any kickbacks.

Are you confident that your energy broker is securing the best energy prices for you? Are they providing bespoke energy solutions tailor-made to your business portfolio?

You want a diligent and knowledgeable energy broker that is dedicated to ensuring you get the best energy deals for your business. A high level of detail and personal attention to your needs is paramount.

An energy broker that is up to date with all of the latest prices and trends in international energy markets will ensure you don’t waste money. They’ll know your relevant usage data across all of your sites and generate regular reports to allow you to forecast accurately.

Does your energy broker communicate clearly, openly and regularly with you? Do they provide detailed reports of their activity, market analysis and how your energy is performing?

You want clear, professional and open lines of communication with your energy broker at all times. Responsive and accurate correspondence helps to build the trust you rely on. You receive regular and comprehensive reports that work in tandem with your own internal reports – this allows you to effectively strategise.

Energy brokers should be proactive on your behalf, demonstrating that the people helping you really understand what you need both now and into the future. You’ll feel like they always make time for your business and that your unique needs are a priority.

Does your energy broker have specific experience in your industry? Do they service large multi-site businesses and facilities?

You need an energy broker with a proven track record in helping businesses and facilities to save money on their energy requirements. All of this knowledge is based on extensive industry experience, gained over many years and across a variety of different clients. You need an energy broker that acknowledges and understands your specific energy needs and is able to deliver a transparent service that saves you money.

Does your energy broker provide end to end corporate energy procurement services, working closely with you to control budget and effectively manage risk?

You want an energy broker that continually demonstrates expertise in sourcing energy for you at the cheapest prices. They know how to work with you to deliver impressive results. They provide your business with innovative energy options, equipping you with the latest data and market insights, and ensure that you are kept informed at every turn. Their knowledge allows you to mitigate risk from changes in the international energy markets.

Ignite share insights into European markets, so that you know how your energy is performing against European benchmarks. We are transparent in our analysis and compare prices on a like-for-like basis to discover the best value energy. We also share recommendations on how to improve credit and generate savings.

At Ignite Energy we believe that quality, professionalism, ethics and expertise matter. Unlike other energy procurement consultancies and commercial energy brokers, we focus on clear communication, honesty, and transparency throughout our energy procurement services.

Free Energy Health Check

Ignite Energy is offering free energy health checks. These checks uncover where we can save you money and energy in both the short and long term. Our services encompass all elements of energy management, such as evaluating your current supply sources, bill validation on historic bills, monitoring site-level energy consumption and ensuring you’re conforming with current and upcoming legislation.

Making the Change to Ignite Energy

We have many very satisfied clients that benefit from over two decades of energy procurement experience and Ignite’s high-level service. If you’d like to join them, get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your energy needs. If you’d like more information please contact us on 0333 023 2222 or email