"COVID-19 retail outlet energy control

Energy cost control for businesses shutting their stores due to Covid-19

Many retailers and other “non-essential” businesses have closed doors due to Covid-19. In these difficult times, cost control becomes a major priority. It’s more important than ever for businesses to take control of their energy and cut costs to help them weather this storm.

At Ignite Energy, we can help. We know that many businesses with a physical presence are already adapting and making plans to ensure their survival. We are well-positioned to assist multi-site businesses by ensuring your energy costs are measured and controlled even when your stores are closed.

Ignite already partner with some of the UK’s biggest retailers like John Lewis Partnership, WH Smith and Halfords. We have experience monitoring and managing their energy usage across a large number of stores. More importantly, we have a proven track record of making sure they only use the energy they need to, whether they are open or closed.

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