Halfords Case Study

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Halfords Case Study

Halfords is the largest retailer of auto parts/equipment, camping and bicycles in the UK, with more than 460 stores and employing more than 10,000 people. Halfords are a well-established household name having been operating since 1902 and expanding ever since to reach its current position of a FTSE 250 constituent.

Ignite have been working with Halfords to make energy a more controlled and accounted for element of their business, whilst also looking to help them become a more energy efficient and sustainable business.

Our work with Halfords

• Consolidation of a number of contracts that they had with different parties, which also included a duplication of costs (such as metering).

• Highlighting hidden commissions within a supply contract and providing more transparent energy procurement.

• Rolled out Stark online reporting, providing them accurate data to enable energy monitoring and highlighting areas of high energy consumption.

• Developing and carrying out energy efficiency measures on sites.

Ignite continue to work with Halfords to make their estate more efficient and ensure that energy is managed properly at every level of their business.