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Commercial Energy Audits from Ignite

Ignite is dedicated to helping large multi-site businesses identify areas of energy wastage across their estate. We use a proactive data-driven approach to energy management, providing energy managers, site colleagues and other key team members with the kind of insights that make a genuine difference.

We are currently able to offer eligible companies* a free energy audit of their entire estate, meaning that you can benefit from this insight without any charge or obligation.

What is an energy audit?

An energy audit is a high-level but detailed analysis of a business’ energy use and consumption. They involve collecting and systematically analysing relevant data and then discussing findings with you to identify areas of opportunity for reducing consumption.

Energy Audit Process

Ignite’s process begins with you – understanding your motivations, challenges, estate and long-term goals. We also get an understanding of the data you are collecting around energy usage.  Our energy audits look at your entire estate and focus on the following:

  • highlighting sites with higher than expected consumption
  • identifying usage trends across the business
  • ranking sites in order of efficiency
  • highlighting areas of wastage
  • examining occupied and unoccupied energy consumption

Ignite’s experts analyse a year’s worth of data to get the most reliable information. This gives us the knowledge needed to start investigating high consumption and make recommendations for reducing it.

Data Crunching

Our team is highly experienced across a range of industries. The energy data analysis service we provide delivers insights that can help engage stakeholders and lead to transformational change. At Ignite, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, and ability to speak with everyone from a board level and energy managers to onsite colleagues.

With our expert knowledge and powerful energy data analytics, our team will analyse your energy data across a twelve month period. This puts them in a position to spot trends, issues and identify opportunities for savings.

Importance of energy audit

It’s hard to believe that some companies still view energy audits as a waste of time. So, why get an energy audit?

In the current climate, reducing overheads, making immediate savings and being more sustainable as a business are vitally important.  For businesses with multiple sites, energy audits are important because they provide data and actionable insights that lead to a reduction in energy consumption. The role of data within proactive and strategic energy management cannot be underestimated either. It allows you to understand energy usage and ultimately cut costs. Let’s look into the benefits of energy audits in more detail.

Energy Audit Benefits

Ignite’s energy audits deliver a whole range of benefits both in the short and long term.

Initial insights

  • Better understand energy performance across your estate
  • Enhance your existing data and reporting
  • Understand what your best and worst-performing sites are and why
  • Identify where energy efficiency savings can be made
  • Identify estate-wide efficiency and energy management improvements
  • Gain actionable insights to support a long-term energy strategy

Once you start to act on the insights from your commercial energy audit, it delivers even more benefits:

  • Cost-savings due to reduced energy bills and overhead costs, can improve profitability
  • Reduce carbon emissions, achieve sustainability goals and move towards net zero targets
  • An edge over your competitors
  • Better engagement at all levels of your organisation from the board to individuals on site
  • Powerful custom reports
  • Understand where building controls might be optimised for better control
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs for buildings, associated services, and equipment, prolonging reliability and lifespan of assets
  • Help make a business case for energy efficiency projects and system upgrades

Energy Audits and Sustainability & Net Zero Targets

One of the main benefits of an energy audit is helping you make your business more sustainable and achieving your net zero targets.

We work with businesses to help them become carbon neutral. With extensive industry knowledge and real-world experience in achieving carbon-related and sustainability goals, the audit can be viewed in this context.  One of the most important aspects of reaching any targets is identifying energy wastage and finding innovative and effective ways to stop energy waste and improve efficiency. Any net zero strategy will involve the recommendation and delivery of customised energy efficiency projects alongside a range of other measures from renewable procurement and CPPAs and changing behaviour.

Find out more about our Net Zero services for large businesses.

What next

Once our comprehensive commercial energy audits are complete, our team will share their findings in a clear way. We don’t stop with a report either – we will always make recommendations, tailoring our solutions to your needs.

We have a proven track record of implementing projects with large organisations as part of our strategic energy management. Our innovative energy efficiency projects have been rolled out at scale for a number of household names like Halfords, WHSmith and Pets at Home. These include LED lighting roll outs and building controls that start saving you money now and long into the future.

By seeing the quality of our work and the levels of service we provide, we hope you will want to continue the relationship with Ignite. The energy audit is just a glimpse at what we can achieve when partnering with you to achieve your long-term energy and sustainability goals.

From procurement and bill validation to data analysis and ongoing support with energy management, you can see more of our services by visiting our tendering page. Get in touch with us today to find out more about a free commercial energy audit.

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* Eligible businesses are those with more than 30 sites across the UK and Europe.