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SSP Case Study

With more than 500 brands operating in over 30 countries, SSP are one of the largest food and beverage organisations in the world. Serving more than 1,000,000 customers in train stations and airports a day, SSP operate a complex portfolio of sites each with its own unique challenges and requirements.

Ignite have been working with SSP since 2014 with the aim of making energy a more controlled and accounted for element of their enormous operation.

Services Provided

Energy Projects Delivered

  • Installation of BMS systems and LED lighting at all M&S stores resulting in savings of £350k per annum.
  • Housekeeping measures, Local controls and LED lighting implemented on a “by station/airport approach, achieving savings of £450k per annum
  • LED lighting, BMS and local controls implemented at Spar Express stores in Germany, resulting in savings of €320k per annum.
  • Installation of BMS and controls at Service Stations in Germany, resulting in savings of €480k

Ignite Energy is continuing to work with SSP to make their huge international portfolio more energy efficient, whilst delivering excellent savings. Operations are soon to expand to all UK and German sites as well as France, Hong Kong and Belgium.