Commercial LED Lighting Upgrades

Retrofit LED Light Projects for large companies from Ignite - improve efficiency, save money and move towards sustainability targets.

Working with Ignite Energy

If you are looking for a commercial lighting solution for your business, then Ignite Energy are here to help. We offer the latest LED lighting solutions, providing intelligent lighting for your business, whilst also remaining energy and cost efficient.

Reducing energy usage is more crucial today than ever before, as energy prices have risen and sustainability is now a priority. At Ignite Energy, we help to implement energy saving projects such as commercial LED lighting upgrades at scale. Our aim is to help large businesses take control of their energy usage in an intelligent way. Each LED lighting project is tailored to your requirements and utilises the latest technology to significantly impact the amount of energy your business is using, improve efficiency and save you money.

What are LED lights?

LED (light-emitting diode) lights are semiconductors that generally allow the flow of current in one direction only. Unlike other light bulbs, such as incandescent light bulbs, LED lights do not have a wire filament. LED lights generate light as electrons flow to create photons. Because of this, LED lighting generates a miniscule amount of heat when compared to traditional lighting options.

For this reason, LED lights generate light while requiring much less energy. They also last much longer. For any business looking to achieve net zero targets, an LED lighting upgrade is an important step on your energy efficiency journey.

LED Lighting Upgrades & LED Retrofit Projects for your Business

Whether you are installing LED lights for the first time in your business, or are looking to upgrade your existing LED lighting across your sites, Ignite has the experience required. We provide reliable LED lighting solutions tailored to your business, utilising nationwide teams to roll out the latest technology at scale. These teams take care of the logistics and installation around your in-store requirements and have delivered LED lighting projects with proven results across thousands of customer sites.

The RoHS Directive

As of February 2024, lights with high levels of mercury are banned from sale in the UK, as part of the latest Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive. This includes T5 and T8 fluorescent lights. Many businesses rely on these types of lights to brighten buildings throughout their estate. However, now that this directive has been implemented, you’ll need to find a replacement.

This is a fantastic opportunity to upgrade to LED light bulbs and start reaping the benefits they provide, as listed below. Ignite can roll out this upgrade at a mass scale, making sure that you stay compliant with RoHs while saving on energy consumption and bills. Read more about RoHS in our guide, or speak to our following team members for more information about the directive:

Tom Henthorn:

Aaron Coultrip:

What companies can benefit from our commercial LED Lighting upgrades?

Utilising the latest LED lighting technology is extremely beneficial for large multi-site businesses. With energy costs accounting for an increasingly large portion of a businesses’ expenditure, switching to the latest LED lighting can result in significant savings.

Retrofit LED Lighting Projects with Ignite

Ignite are able to replace your current lighting setup like for like or create entirely new LED lighting designs, tailored to your needs. We work with highly qualified contractor teams to upgrade your existing lighting or convert to LEDs ideal for your application. Although there is an initial investment in LED lighting upgrades, the return on investment, in particular amidst sky high energy prices, is very attractive.

As lighting technologies have seen substantial advances in recent years, this has led to an improvement in light quality, as well as an increased product lifespan and better efficiency. This unlocks even more savings for those that choose to invest in LED lighting upgrades.

Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting

Installing the latest LED lighting delivers numerous benefits to large businesses in the UK. The benefits of LED lights include:

  • Less heat emitted from LED lights than alternative light bulbs.
  • Lower operational and maintenance costs.
  • Average return on investment is around 1-3 years.
  • More durable than other lighting solutions.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Some LED models can have a lifespan of up to 70,000 hours.
  • Offer full control from a custom BMS dashboard.
  • Incorporate controls that allow daylight harvesting and occupancy detection.
  • Help deliver on net zero targets.

Could upgrading your LED lighting cut costs for your business?

Transitioning to LED lights for your business is a proactive step to reduce energy costs despite the initial upfront cost. By moving quickly, you will reap the benefits sooner and increase the overall value of the project. Here’s how:

  • LED lights are more energy efficient. This means that less energy is required, reducing your demand and costing you less. Overall this helps reduce the impact of your business on the environment.
  • This reduction in energy usage leads to reduced operational costs, and allows you to focus your budgets in other areas.
  • LED lighting also provides improved lighting quality for your business – this is important when considering customer experience.

BMS Integration with LED Lighting

If you are a large multi-site business with a desire to improve energy efficiency and cut costs across your entire estate then Ignite’s custom BMS dashboard is the solution for you.

Our custom Building Management System (BMS) dashboards allow your energy team to remotely monitor and control your equipment across each of your premises. This can include everything from lights to individual air conditioning units. Whether you are struggling with an outdated BMS or don’t have a BMS installed, Ignite can help.

When it comes to LED lighting, integration with a BMS offers you the control you need, across your entire estate. It’s easy to rollout changes across multiple sites. You can also get a better understanding of your energy consumption across your estate and identify problem sites.

Integrating controls with LED lights will also allow you to reduce any unnecessary output from your light fittings. For example, dimming lights during stocking periods when customers aren’t in the store, or controlling the lighting in zones.

Our work with M&S shows the power of combining BMS optimisations and LED lighting upgrades. The installation of BMS systems & LED lighting across all M&S stores resulted in huge savings of £350k per annum.

Ignite – Your LED Lighting Partner

By partnering with Ignite, your business will benefit from our commercial LED lighting solutions. It doesn’t stop there though – with our data-driven approach to energy management we can help you make further efficiency savings across your entire estate. The impact is transformational,  with dramatically reduced energy waste and cost savings at a time when it is critical to reduce costs. Contact us today.

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