Smart Metering

Here at Ignite Energy, we provide information regarding smart metering systems to our clients.

Smart Metering Systems

At Ignite Energy, we help with Smart Metering systems within businesses

Offering highly intelligent functions to clients, smart metering systems are the updated and modern alternatives to electricity and gas meters.

With commitment from the UK Government, Britain is set to distribute Smart Meters with smart energy display to the majority of homes by the end of 2020; however, there will be no legal obligation or requirement to have one. These smart metering structures will help consumers to gain understanding of exactly how much energy is being consumed and will provide information and guidance regarding help with usage reduction.

Here at Ignite Energy, our focus is to reduce cost and help clients gain understanding of their energy usage, which is why we believe there are countless benefits to owning a smart metering system:

  • You’ll be able to keep track of usage since your previous bill, which should help in regards to budgeting and avoiding any surprises when your bill arrives.
  • Ability to view your historic energy use, and target setting for the future.
  • You’ll identify which items use the most and least energy and plan where to reduce.

Directly connecting with energy suppliers, smart metering systems will allow providers to deliver accurate bills to consumers via an in-home display feature, providing the opportunity for consumers to take control of their finances and manage their energy usage with help from the information they receive.

Ignite Energy offer experienced energy solutions and knowledge, and by informing people about the new smart metering systems, we hope that between 2015 and 2020, all homes that desire this new technology will have one, with some homes going through installation currently.

Our team here at Ignite Energy care about saving money and reducing environmental impact, you can find out more about the smart metering systems via, or alternatively contact us today where will be able to assist you.

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