Smart Metering for Business

Smart Metering systems within businesses provide the insight you need to make energy a controlled and accounted for cost.

Business Smart Meters

Data is the key to accurate billing, budgeting and developing business cases for energy efficiency projects. Smart Meters provide accurate consumption data to give you the insight you need to make energy a controlled and accounted for cost.

Business Plan for Smart Meters

Offering highly intelligent functions to clients, smart metering systems are the updated and modern alternatives to electricity and gas meters.

Energy is inherently complex for large businesses. Measuring consumption and the impact of energy efficiency projects across entire estates requires automated data collection and reporting. Having a business smart meter ensures that you understand when and where your energy is being used. Read more on Ignite’s energy data analysis services and how they unlock the insight you need.

Smart meters provide half-hourly consumption data that makes it possible to clearly see energy wastage and verify any savings achieved. At the same time, it validates billing and ensures sites are staying within budget.

Ignite are experienced in implementing smart metering for businesses. We have assisted several large organisations, including Network Rail and Unite Students, with business smart meter installations.

Why Choose Ignite Energy

Ignite offer a total energy management solution for large businesses. Tying in every aspect of energy from data through to energy efficiency implementations, Ignite are the perfect choice for any organisation looking to reduce costs. Contact us today and our team will be able to assist you.

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