Utility Bill Validation & Finance Support

An essential part of business energy management is establishing utilities as a controllable cost.

Bill Validation & Finance Support

Ignite Energy helps businesses throughout the UK with Utility Validation and Support

We firmly believe that our energy bill validation service is the most comprehensive available, and we have recovered millions of pounds in aggregate for our customers through detection and error resolution.

Offering utility validation and expert support to our customers to allow them to achieve this, activities include:

  • Calculation of charges/accruals/finance reporting for sites, and for departments/the business at summary level
  • Use of actual data to drive site charges/accruals
  • Preparation of utility budgets and forecasts
  • Variance reporting and analysis

We manage our customers’ portfolios, ensuring that all procurement stages are up to date. If we have access to your data, the process can be as seamless as possible. We can provide an upload file tailored to your finance system, removing the need for you to manually process any utility billing. As part of our invoice validation service, we make sure our clients’ energy bills have been validated and any errors that occur are rectified quickly. Offering energy bill validation as a repeatable solution, contact our professionals today to see how we can help your business.

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