Benefits of IPMVP

There are several benefits of International Measurement and Verification Protocol

Benefits of Using IPMVP – International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol

Before IPMVP, there was no standardised method to the application of energy saving initiatives. This made it tough for building operators to calculate any savings achieved. IPMVP is becoming recognised as the standard across Europe and the USA as a condition in energy performance contracting. IPMVP intends to improve environmental quality and to ensure that energy efficiency projects achieve their goals. Measurement and verification is the procedure of using quantity of energy usage to determine actual savings formed within an individual facility by energy management.

There are several benefits of International Measurement and Verification Protocol:

  • Provides internationally established guidelines for measurement and verification.
  • Validates strategy for energy efficiency.
  • Provides transparency, certainty and reliability within pre-agreed parameters that take account of all relevant factors.
  • Tackles the precise issue of measurement and verification of results.
  • Delivers accurate data based on energy saving projects.
  • Issues capital for costs on savings.
  • Reduces transaction and financing costs in an energy performance contract.
  • IPMVP has established global authority for energy savings reports; increasing the worth to a consumer of the connected energy savings
  • Helps national and industrial organisations to promote and achieve resource efficiency and reach environmental objectives.
  • Assesses performance of the entire facility.
  • Defines standard approaches to measuring and savings to reassure facility owners.
  • Helps parties to generate repeatable performance contract terms
  • Offers direction on the compromise between measurement accuracy and measurement cost

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