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Ignite has developed and implemented a demand reduction solution with Pets at Home made up of two key elements: LED lighting upgrades and control systems to manage in-store assets and optimise savings. Although logistically challenging, these two elements were rolled-out in tandem in order to reduce interference with normal store operations.

LED Lighting

Ignite have carried out a full LED lighting conversion across the entire Pets at Home estate, replacing on and off sales floor with energy efficient equivalents. This has included the selecting of replacement High Bay fittings, that make up the majority of their sales floor lighting, with built-in sensors to take advantage of natural light entering the stores, furthering both the financial and environmental impact of the project.

Control Systems

Control systems were installed across Pets at Home’s estate to manage lighting, air conditioning and other systems such as signage to ensure they are running at their optimal efficiency. Temperature sensors also ensured that strict pet welfare standards could be monitored and adhered to, key to Pets at Home’s “Pets before profit” approach.


Pets at Home now has an estate of well-managed, energy-efficient stores and has achieved millions of pounds in savings from energy and maintenance costs.

Ignite continue to work with Pets at Home to develop further demand reduction initiatives and to ensure that energy is managed effectively at every level of their business.

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