The Ignite Energy Team

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Our expertise and commitment to outstanding customer service allows us to partner with businesses and drive transformational change. Ignite is made-up of a series of highly collaborative and experienced teams, comprising individuals that bring experience across a wide range of industries.

The Ignite Energy Team

Supply Team

We have a talented and dedicated team that deals with our energy supply services. They look after our customers’ bureau and supply requirements, bill validation, energy procurement and energy data analysis.

The supply team’s experience spans multiple sectors and their industry knowledge runs deep. They consistently deliver impressive savings through innovative methods, technologies, and proactive management.

Committed to providing an unrivalled level of service, the team working closely with customers to form the long-lasting relationships that matter. They have a strong track record of driving change within large multi-sited organisations across the UK and Europe.

The Ignite Energy Team

Projects Team

Ignite’s project team organise, run and report on energy efficiency projects for our customers. The team covers a wide variety of roles and requirements, allowing us to plan and implement large projects to a high standard – and deliver them on time.

Projects include measures such as LED lighting upgrades and the installation and optimisation of Building Management Systems. Through the adoption of emerging technology, an innovative approach and data-driven insights, the Projects Team help large businesses achieve their energy and sustainability targets. They provide your business with the edge, enabling your energy goals through an ROI-focussed approach and unrivalled levels of service.

The Ignite Energy Team

Account Management Team

The Account Management team at Ignite are responsible for ensuring that our integrated approach to energy management achieves your long-term business goals. They pride themselves on a dedicated and personable approach and outstanding levels of service.

Account Managers utilise a wealth of knowledge and experience to proactively manage your energy, resulting in substantial saving and benefits. They take the time to understand your business inside and out, and be there whenever you need our expertise.

The Ignite Energy Team


Ignite’s Directors and Team Leaders work closely with all areas of the company and with our customers. They ensure that all the work we produce is completed to the best standard possible and has a significant impact on your business. Their experience and knowledge of the energy industry mean that we can develop and implement solutions that result in outstanding results for our customers.

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