Tendering for Energy Management Services

Benefit from Ignite’s outstanding level of service & transformational end-to-end energy management by inviting us to tender.

Are you going out to tender for your energy management services? At Ignite, we provide a transformational end-to-end energy management service, including energy procurement and bill validation. We work closely with our customers in all areas of cost reduction, energy efficiency and compliance to deliver a total solution that ensures energy is a controlled and accounted for part of your business.

If your current contract is coming to an end and you want to find out more about our market-leading service please get in touch. We have a proven record of inspiring positive change for large multi-site businesses. 

If your current supplier or energy broker is not delivering the value and level of service you expect or you don’t have the close working relationship that gets results then it’s time to see how we can work together to realise your long term goals.   

Below are some of the services we commonly tender for –

  • Energy Procurement and Risk Management
  • Bureau Services/Bill Validation
  • Compliance
  • Data Management
  • Finance Reporting
  • Data Analysis and Consumption Reporting
  • Site and Meter Portfolio Management
  • Energy Efficiency Measures

Full procurement and bill validation services with a difference

Our approach to energy procurement is all about taking an active and independent approach. You can trust us to secure cost-effective energy matched to your needs and manage your energy procurement in an honest and open way. As with all of our energy services we always put your interests first.  

We offer a comprehensive bill validation service that ensures every element of your invoices are rigorously checked by our experts. Our analysis is based on years of experience across various industries and a full understanding of utility contracts and charges. This allows us to identify and resolve any discrepancies quickly. We keep your energy management team in the loop every step of the way. 

The Tendering Process

If you would like Ignite to provide a tender, we will use your scope of services to write our proposal. We outline our service in a way that gives you a feel of how we work and some clarity around deliverables and the value we add. 

We will also highlight our ongoing account management service and how our complete dedication to outstanding customer service really sets us apart. We believe it is key to realising your energy goals on an ongoing and long-term basis. 

We proactively look for any opportunities for energy efficiency projects. These are hugely valuable and have delivered millions of pounds in savings to our customers and helped them achieve sustainability goals. We do so at no extra cost and share details of our approach in our tender responses. 

If you’d like us to complete a tender or speak to us to get more details of how we work then contact us today:  0333 023 2222 or enquiries@igniteenergy.co.uk

Transitioning New Customers

At Ignite, we have been successful in a large number of tenders and are experienced at transitioning new customers over to Ignite from other service providers. We know just how important it is to businesses to ensure a seamless and stress-free transition where nothing is missed. 

Our tried and tested transition process is tailored to your needs.  We work together with your team to create a detailed transition plan before the end of your current contract. This guarantees that nothing is overlooked so you can enjoy a seamless switch and begin benefiting from Ignite’s next level service as soon as possible. We can also shadow your incumbent supplier to further guarantee that there is no lapse in service and everything is up and running before our contract starts. 

Our transparent and independent approach to energy procurement means you don’t have to worry about any hidden or unexplained charges in your contract.

Ignite’s approach to ongoing energy management

Our approach to account management is one that focuses on forming long term partnerships to achieve your energy and wider business goals. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service – it forms the foundations of our energy management service. It allows us to take a data-driven and proactive approach, identifying opportunities for your business. The aim is to save you money and help you become a more sustainable business. 

If you want to discuss how we can work together in more detail or invite us to tender contact us today. Speak to us on 0333 023 2222 or email us at enquiries@igniteenergy.co.uk