CRC – Carbon Reduction Commitment

Carbon Reduction Commitment and Energy Efficiency is a significant part of our business here at Ignite Energy

Designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, the CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) is a United Kingdom government scheme that applies to organisations using more than 6.000mWh per year.

Carbon Reduction Commitment for Businesses

At Ignite Energy, we specialise in solving our clients’ energy challenges. Working with some of the UK’s largest organisations, we have a considerable amount of experience in CRC compliance including emissions reporting, carbon allowances and helping to decrease emissions to reduce costs under the CRC.

Carbon Reduction Commitment Explained

Participants of the CRC must measure their electricity, gas and other related carbon releases annually. This then needs to be reported to the CRC registry following a specific set of rules.

The scheme then requires participants to purchase allowances for every tonne of carbon emitted as reported under CRC. By reducing emissions, you will see lower allowances and financial savings.

An organisation that does not purchase sufficient allowances will be given a financial penalty for failing to do so.

CRC Consultants – Why Choose Ignite Energy

Ignite has a vast amount of experience in carbon reduction and have helped many organisations with their CRC requirements. Ignite can ensure that your consumption is measured, accurately reported and that your obligations are met so that CRC is no longer a challenge or risk to your business.

For more information regarding the Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme, please contact a member of our expert team today.