ESOS compliance services

Achieve ESOS compliance, capitalise on energy saving opportunities and cut carbon emissions with Ignite.

Ignite provides full ESOS compliance services as part of our end-to-end energy management. We focus on efficiency, outstanding customer service and maximising the impact of this mandatory assessment. With a data-lead approach, Ignite ensures that we reduce demand, improve energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions.

Our compliance team is highly experienced and includes fully qualified ESOS lead assessors. Ignite also has a track record of identifying and rolling out large scale energy efficiency projects tailored to your organisation’s needs. We’ve done this for some of the UK’s largest and most well-known organisations. It’s time to make ESOS compliance a catalyst for transformational change in your business.

ESOS Compliance services from Ignite

Ignite Energy can help your business become ESOS compliant. Our expert compliance team and certified lead auditors are able to deliver all the requirements of the ESOS scheme internally. We carry out an ESOS compliant energy audit and reports that ensure your organisation meets all the requirements of ESOS Phase 3. We have already assisted most of our clients through ESOS phase 1 and 2.

Our ESOS compliance service includes the below:

  • Audit based on 12 months of verifiable consumption data
  • Analysis of energy consumption and energy efficiency
  • Identification of potential energy savings opportunities
  • Site visits to identify potential opportunities
  • Submission of ESOS notification of compliance

ESOS site visits & energy audits

Ignite carry out site visits and audits as part of our wider assessment of your energy usage. This satisfies the mandatory site visits and audits for ESOS compliance.

Our fully qualified ESOS lead assessors carry out the assessments and audits themselves. We look at your total energy consumption across your entire portfolio including energy consumed by the three key ESOS areas of consumption:

  • buildings
  • industrial processes
  • transport

In turn, our ESOS lead assessors will be able to sign off this assessment for submission to the Environment Agency.

Not every site needs to be visited so Ignite will take a sample-based approach. This may involve visiting one of each type of building in your portfolio. We then use our experience and data to make recommendations across your entire estate and at a specific site level too.

ESOS Reporting

Ignite provides your energy managers and board with a list of recommendations in an ESOS report. We can then tailor our service to meet your needs, both in the short and long term.

ESOS Assessment

An ESOS assessment includes a number of steps that you must take. Ignite is highly experienced in completing all steps in a hassle-free and efficient manner. We are fully qualified lead assessors too.

  • Calculate your total energy consumption
  • Identify your areas of significant energy consumption (account for at least 90% of your total energy consumption)
  • Appoint a lead assessor
  • Notify the Environment Agency by submitting your ESOS notification of compliance
  • Keep records

These steps can be seen with additional detail on the government’s ESOS webpage. You can also read more on what ESOS is and what is involved.

Implementing energy efficiency projects identified through ESOS

By choosing to work with Ignite, you get an ESOS lead assessor as well as a team that is highly experienced in rolling out large scale and data-driven energy efficiency projects. We’ve implemented innovative projects for some of the UK’s best known such as WH Smith and Pets at Home. This means you get maximum ROI from your ESOS assessments.

ESOS Phase 3

The ESOS phase 3 is approaching and all qualifying organisations should already be considering your steps to compliance. The deadline for ESOS phase three is 5th June 2024. This means you need to inform the Environment Agency of your compliance by this date.

If your organisation is notified that it qualifies as a ‘large undertakings’ on or before 31 December 2022, you too will need to comply with ESOS phase 3. Read our guide to ensure you’re ready for the Phase 3 deadline. 

Ignite – Your ESOS Compliance partner

Ignite Energy has considerable experience in ESOS, having assisted many of the UK’s largest businesses with audits and ESOS compliance. Our phase 2 reports led to millions of pounds of investment in the identified energy efficiency projects, delivering paybacks of typically less than 3 years.

To achieve ESOS Phase 3 compliance and transform your organisation’s approach to energy efficiency and carbon net zero contact us today.

You can also find out more about our full compliance service. There’s every chance you will also need to report on SECR as well as ESOS – find out more about SECR Compliance.

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