GHG Reporting Services

Work with Ignite to become compliant with GHG reporting and take the steps needed to reduce your business’ carbon footprint.

All large companies have been required to report on Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) since 2019. As part of Ignite’s end-to-end energy management service, we take care of your GHG reporting requirements.

Our data-led approach ensures that all GHG contributions are accounted for. We compile them into a digestible report that assists you in making sustainability a priority within your business. We’re known for our high-quality customer service and our efficient reporting methods, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that you’re fully compliant with GHG emissions reporting.

Greenhouse Gas Reporting Service from Ignite

Ignite’s team of experts is experienced in GHG reporting for large, multi-site businesses. They are well-equipped to report on your emissions, armed with the experience and knowledge to ensure that you’re fully compliant with the latest regulations. As part of our service, we conduct a thorough analysis of business processes to identify areas for improvement, condensing them into a simple format that’s relevant to you.

Our GHG reporting service includes:

  • A comprehensive audit to measure both direct and indirect GHG emissions
  • Analysis of GHG contributions based on a selection of your business sites
  • Identification of potential opportunities to reduce emissions
  • Submission of GHG report

Speak to us today to see how we can help you with your sustainability strategy.

GHG Site Audits

As part of Ignite’s compliance service, we carry out audits and site visits across your estate to collect the data needed to report effectively. We will select a number of sites which best reflect your wider estate, providing energy-efficient recommendations. We make sure these are aligned with the three scopes of the GHG emission reports:

  • Scope 1 – Direct GHG emissions. These come from sources owned by your company, such as business vehicles and generators.
  • Scope 2 – Indirect emissions coming from consumed energy that’s provided by another company.
  • Scope 3 – Any other indirect GHG emissions, such as business travel involving public transport.

For a breakdown of these scopes, information on what’s mandatory, and more information on what GHG reporting is read our guide.

GHG Inventory Reports

Following on from our audits, we’ll compile all the information into digestible reports designed to meet reporting regulations. These reports will help you see the areas that need improvements.

We’ll work with you to prioritise sustainability and energy efficiency projects, deciding on next steps to reduce your GHG emissions. We’ll include the actions you’re taking towards sustainability in these GHG reports.

Ignite have worked with many well-known UK companies to implement large scale projects that have improved their energy efficiency. We’ve formed long-term partnerships with our clients to help them achieve net zero. We regularly report on their savings – both environmentally and financially – in condensed formats that make it easier to work from. We’ve taken time to get to know the needs of our clients to ensure all energy efficiency projects exceed expectations, from SECR to GHG reporting.

GHG Reporting Deadline

The deadline for reporting on your greenhouse gas emissions is in line with your financial year. If you’re looking to use our GHG compliance service, we encourage you to get in touch at least six months prior to your annual report publication. This will ensure that we have enough time to compile the information required to effectively build your business reports.

Ignite – Your GHG Compliance partner

Ignite has helped a number of UK companies efficiently report on their greenhouse gas emissions. Whether your business is legally required to report, or you’re reporting voluntarily, our expert team is here to help. From initial audits and site visits to compiling reports and identifying energy-saving opportunities, Ignite provides a fully-managed service as part of our end-to-end energy management.

If you’re just starting to report on GHG emissions, or you’re unsure if you’re fully compliant, Ignite is here to provide peace of mind and assist with your sustainability strategy. Contact us today for more information. Speak to us on 0333 023 2222 or email us at

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