Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) Compliance Services

Achieve SECR compliance, capitalise on energy saving opportunities and cut carbon emissions with Ignite.

Ignite provides full Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) compliance services to large UK businesses as part of our end-to-end energy management. We focus on efficiency, outstanding customer service and maximising the impact of this mandatory reporting framework.

We specialise in solving our clients’ energy challenges. Working with some of the UK’s largest organisations, we have considerable experience in helping them to be compliant with all relevant energy legislation including SECR regulations. With a data-lead approach, Ignite ensures that we reduce demand, improve energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions.

Our compliance team is experienced in SECR and we have a proven track record of identifying and rolling out large scale energy efficiency projects tailored to your needs. We’ve done this for some of the UK’s most well-known organisations.

If you think your company needs to submit reports in compliance with SECR, call us now on 0333 023 2222. Ignite can help. To discover more about what SECR is then read our guide.


Since April 2019 quoted companies and any business that meets the SECR criteria need to report on their global energy use and carbon emissions. Ignite handle all of the SECR reporting for you but more importantly we use it to focus on energy efficiency within your organisation and realise opportunities for significant emission reductions.

SECR is aimed at streamlining and simplifying reporting for energy and carbon for large UK businesses. It broadens the scope for compliance, meaning more businesses now need to comply with energy and carbon reporting legislation.

Eligible companies registered in the UK are required to report on global energy use and carbon emissions. An intensity metric must also be used that quantifies energy consumption in a way that is relevant to your business such as kWh per site.  This is to make it clear that any change in your energy usage year on year is due to increased growth or decreased energy efficiency.

The SECR guidelines also state that businesses are required to report what energy efficiency actions they have taken over the previous year. This covers details of energy efficiency projects and all other measures taken to increase energy efficiency over the course of the year.

SECR Compliance services from Ignite

Submitting reports to remain SECR compliant may feel like a burden for your business – that’s why our expert compliance team delivers all the requirements of the SECR reporting. We carry out the necessary site audits and make sure all of the required data is being reliably collected.  Ignite Energy will help your business become SECR compliant but we also offer so much more. In fact, SECR compliance can act as a catalyst for positive change in your business.

With our end-to-end management we are always looking to the future and being proactive in alignment with your goals. Once SECR reporting requirements have been met, we look at opportunities for your business to cut emissions and improve efficiency across your estate.

We can help you to make the most from any opportunities that have been highlighted through SECR compliance. Ignite have the experience to make data-informed decisions around energy efficiency and roll out large scale projects across your portfolio.

Our expertise allows us to offer end-to-end energy-saving solutions, from reporting through to the implementation of energy saving projects. Once we know where the opportunities are we can suggest and install innovative solutions across your portfolio of sites.

Our integrated service approach and experience in managing energy for multi-site businesses means that we can help you to turn SECR compliance into real-world energy savings.

Our approach is always holistic and future focused, that’s why SECR and ESOS and GHG all feed into a wider net zero strategy. We aim to help you cut costs, improve energy efficiency and become a more sustainable company.

“SECR gives organisations reason to look at their energy consumption and emissions and find ways to make improvements, benefitting both the environment and their bottom line”

Ethan Higgins – Marketing and Innovation Director – Ignite Energy

SECR Reporting

To be SECR compliant, you need to report global scope 1 and 2 emissions, energy consumption and an intensity metric that quantifies energy consumption in a way that is relevant to your business. Ignite will help you determine the best reporting metric for your business.

SECR compliance also requires businesses to report on actions taken in previous years to cut emissions. This will highlight and contrast on any progress made. The SECR report is included in your company’s annual reports.

SECR Reporting Deadlines

SECR reporting deadlines run in line with your business’ finanical year-end.

Ignite – Your SECR compliance partner

Ignite has helped a number of UK companies efficiently report in line with SECR legislation . From initial audits and site visits to compiling reports and identifying energy-saving opportunities, Ignite provides a fully-managed service as part of our end-to-end energy management.

Ignite is here to provide peace of mind around compliance and assist with your sustainability strategy. Contact us today for more information. Speak to us on 0333 023 2222  or email us at

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