Online Reporting & Colleague Engagement

Engaging with the people who actually use the energy is essential to successful energy management.

Online Energy Reporting & Colleague Engagement

As well as making energy visible and controllable from a financial perspective, we work to ensure that site-based colleagues have access to the information that they need. We design engagement programmes and offer “embedded energy management” expertise. This means that we identify performance issues, and work with on-site representatives to address them.

Regular customised “push” reporting, as well as exception alerts and online access to profile data, can all be used as tools to provide management with information and to give your colleagues an insight into how their buildings operate.

Often, our clients already have the necessary hardware or smart metering in place to allow us to start adding value straight away – we help make better use of what’s already there.

Where this isn’t the case, we can introduce smart metering including electricity, gas and water meters. We can also work with you on sub-metering or landlord-tenant arrangements.

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