Energy Procurement & Risk Management

Energy Procurement Services with Transparency and Innovation at their Core

Energy Procurement

Procurement of utilities is often considered a very complex and murky process that can easily ruin a company’s budget if not carefully managed.

At Ignite we believe that quality, professionalism, ethics and expertise matters. Unlike other consultancies and brokers, Ignite Energy promotes clear communication, honesty and fairness throughout our procurement services.

Our Energy Supply Management Team shares many years of experience trading in UK and European energy markets. We are working with all major suppliers and actively seek innovative solutions to meet our clients’ requirements.

Ignite Energy offer unique end to end procurement services that involves managing procurement opportunities, controlling budget and managing risk amongst European markets. Ignite offer detailed knowledge combined with robust reporting.


Procurement Services – 

  • Fix and flexible procurement in the UK and continental Europe
  • Water procurement
  • Trading and Hedging strategies
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Pan European Market Intelligence
  • Budget Planning
  • Contract and Tariff Optimization
  • Portfolio Reporting
  • Analysis of non-commodity related part of utility bills
  • Triad management

Ignite cut through the jargon to provide services that deliver clear results without adding unnecessary cost and perceived complexity.


How our services work –

Fixed procurement – Ignite Energy offer a piece of mind solution that will help you to achieve budget certainty throughout the financial year. Ignite Energy will advise you on the moment of purchase, will make sure that all contracts are accepted and countersigned and ensure you are fully aware of cost for the next budging period.

Flexible procurement – if the fixed offering doesn’t meet your requirements, Ignite Energy offer a flexible purchasing agreement. We track the wholesale energy services proactively and will advice you when is the best time to purchase a portion of energy. Flexible energy with a good risk management strategy in place not only gives you budget certainty but also enables you to achieve the spend you want.

Market Intelligence services – Ignite Energy accesses all real time financial market information so you can stay on top of the news.  We track all tradable commodities including crude oil, precious metals, coal, carbon, and other news including freight, macroeconomics, equities, politics and many more.  Our team analyse all available information for you and collate the content in an understandable and easily digestible format, making he financial and commodity markets as simple as possible.

Risk Management – Ignite Energy constantly develops new tools to make sure that we are able to identify and protect you from risk of periods of high volatility. Energy markets are changing constantly, so we monitor markets using a number of innovative tools.


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