Energy Procurement & Energy Risk Management

Delivered energy costs are increasingly a product of either commodity or non-commodity pricing. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your company.

Energy Procurement

Ignite Energy offer Energy Procurement and Energy Risk Management in the UK

Offering Energy Procurement and Energy Risk Management strategies is a part of our energy management service we offer across the UK to our clients. We are equipped to run both flexible and fixed price tenders for our customers to secure best market value.

If you choose a flexible contract, we will put in place an energy risk management strategy and approach to hedging that aligns with your business objectives.

Importantly, we make sure it cuts through the jargon to provide something that delivers without adding unnecessary cost and perceived complexity.

Non-commodity costs on some projections are set to rise to represent around two thirds of delivered energy cost by 2020. These are formed of ever more complex levies, contributions and pass-throughs. As well as removing the risk of overcharging for these elements of the bill, we seek to reduce exposure as much as possible by optimising supply sizes, usage during triad periods and time-of-day usage. For more information regarding our energy procurement and energy risk management services, please contact our expert team today to discuss your energy requirements.

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