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Changes to Excess Capacity Charges

April 2018 Excess Capacity Charges Rise Changes in tariffs from April 2018 mean that any Half Hourly consumption above agreed capacity will increase in cost significantly. For this reason, it’s now more important than ever to understand energy consumption across your estate and ensure that import capacity is correct on every site and avoid any unnecessary […]

One Year Until the End of CRC

Carbon Reduction Commitment to be replaced by Climate Change Levy April marks the final 12 months until the end of CRC. CRC was introduced to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, the CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) is a government scheme that applies to organisations using more than 6,000 MWh of Half Hourly electricity per […]

How To Reduce Energy Costs For Your Distribution Business

Reducing Energy Costs For Your Distribution Business Running a distribution business can use huge amounts of energy. Most of this energy is consumed by keeping storage facilities well heated, cooled and lit. Their energy needs are dependent on what is in storage but generally, energy is a large expense for any business that uses storage […]

How To Reduce Overhead Costs In Your Retail Business

It seems that every month another well-established brand disappears from the high street. In a period rife with challenging economic factors, the risk of liquidation looms over many business owners. And it’s not just the small businesses that are at risk. A few notable heavyweights have fallen by the way side in the first few […]