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Many businesses working on achieving net zero targets will already be procuring renewable energy – as an obvious step towards sustainability. However, not all businesses are going that step further to purchase green energy in a way that actually puts new renewable energy onto the grid. If we’re going to achieve net zero targets and […]

commercial energy audits

Commercial Energy Audits from Ignite

Ignite is dedicated to helping large multi-site businesses identify areas of energy wastage across their estate. We use a proactive data-driven approach to energy management, providing energy managers, site colleagues and other key team members with the kind of insights that make a genuine difference. We are currently able to offer eligible companies* a free […]

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How Ignite’s end-to-end energy management can help you survive & thrive in challenging times

UK businesses face considerable uncertainty right now. Challenges have multiplied: with businesses having to adapt due to the pandemic, navigate the repercussions of Brexit, embark on digital transformation to compete with disruptive companies and attempt to meet ambitious sustainability goals.  In the midst of economic turmoil, it is important to take back control where you […]

Corporate power purchase agreements

5 Reasons why your business should consider a CPPA in 2023

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPA) are rising in popularity for large businesses across the UK. But what exactly are they? And how can they benefit your business in 2023 and beyond? In this article, we’ll highlight everything you need to know about CPPAs, including how they work, the options available, and how they can help […]

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Why independence & transparency matter when it comes to corporate energy procurement

Ignite Energy have a unique approach to energy procurement. We deliver significant value to your business by taking an active, independent and transparent approach to your procurement. For too long energy procurement has been seen as a complex and opaque world. Ignite are the antithesis of this – you can trust us to manage your […]

achieving Net Zero status as a business

Becoming net zero as a business – the journey towards carbon neutrality

Many businesses are prioritising sustainability and moving towards a greener future. Recently, there have been more conversations around carbon neutrality, with a particular focus on organisations achieving ‘net zero’ status. Industry task groups have been formed, government bodies and scientists are coming together all in pursuit of carbon neutrality.  It is clear that as a […]

energy saving projects with zero capital costs

Ignite Energy launch energy saving project scheme with no upfront capital costs for businesses

In these unprecedented times, many large multi-site businesses are being forced to radically adapt to the situation as it unfolds. As well as dealing with the impact of COVID-19, businesses need to look ahead at ways to facilitate their post-pandemic recovery.  One of the challenges many of these businesses will face coming out the other […]